Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paramore is the shiz :d

So, I'm in a decent mood right now, so I thought I'd write a blog. If you notice when you type blog, it is spelled wrong; why is that? I don't understand it.

Anyways. My life. It's kinda dull right now. I rarely leave the house. There's just nothing to do in the outside world. Sure, I have friends in low and high places, but those places aren't here. I see them occasionally, but never really hang out, you know? 

School starts in 8 days. Fun... D: I hope I have a better time this year. Last year wasn't exactly the smoothest I've had. And recently I decided to bring out my gamecube and play some Paper Mario. It's funny how you just know where to find everything the second time around when you couldn't find a single thing the first time. I wanted to do a walkthrough on youtube, but I don't have a cool tv video camera thingy majiger. So I'm content with just enjoying the game I guess. Speaking of youtube, my MegaAnimeUploads channel is getting more and more popular every day. I used to have excellent competition, but then she got a notice from youtube telling her to stop uploading InuYasha. I feel sorry for her, especially since I have uploaded more than her and have get a notice. Even if I did get a notice, I would just make another account. I have about 100,000 views on my channel, and 150 some subscribers. I like those numbers. They make me feel like some people notice me. lol. 

I can't seem to stop thinking about certain people, and things that could of played out differently, but didn't. Choices I made that affected my life in major ways. To great to even comprehend. It makes me angry thinking about it. And depressed. I think about what could have been...and I lose my train of thought. I think about my first girlfriend often. We had an up and down relationship, even after we broke up. But we were still great friends that listened to each other. It breaks my heart that I don't get to see her. I was used to seeing her and her brother and family everyday. Going cold turkey does not help my psychy. It's amazing that I haven't given into this depression. I see what could lie in my future, and I push forward, as best as I can. Like I found out I want a pet Fennec fox when I get my own place. Sure, it could never happen and probably won't, but thinking about it brings happiness. And that little bit is enough, at least for a short time. Another big thing I think about is Ohio. I miss everybody there. Except for a few choice people. I met a few hundred people at my last school, and become great friends with a lot of them, but I never see them, let alone talk to them much. I just feel they'll forget me. I mean, I know so many people, that I'm forgetting people I've known for years just because I haven't seem them in a while. I only can keep people close around me in my memory. Sure, I can remember a face, But even then, I have a hard time trying to remember if I know them from here or Ohio. And I feel terrible for it. People say hey but I forget who they are. So many things on my mind that I can't focus at all.

As I continue writing this, I get even more and more saddened. Slipping into a depression. Though I may forget some people, the memories are all there. Even the painful ones. I just can't forget those for some reason. I want them gone but they won't leave. They haunt me. I try not to think about anything, just live in the moment to avoid a depression. It's a wonder I don't have ulcers from so much stress. School won't help at all. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Oh well. 

I'm taking a break for a few days from uploading on my youtube channel so that I can elax and enjoy the last fragments of my summer. I'll have to come up with a schedule to work around during the school year. I'm not very good with managing my time at all. So, I will try to put up a blog every few days or so, recollecting everything I've done and some thoughts along with it. I've got to get my mind on other things. I will see you guys later. And if you are reading this Tator, I want you to know that I love and miss you a lot :*] Just remember, I am always in your heart, and you in mine. ~Zack

Monday, July 26, 2010

Youtube, My first success?

So, I made an account on youtube on July 1oth, and that would be MegaAnimeUploads. So far I have uploaded over 70 videos in just 16 days. I'm pretty proud of myself. People say they like my videos and hope to see more. Granted I'm uploading InuYasha, but at least I do it well. I get about 1000-1500 views a day now, and I'm sitting at 24 subscribers. With 34 episodes up already, I should catch up with everyone else (who are also uploading) and surpass them by the 1 of next month (If I don't slack off). I didn't think I would actually get popular, considering the HUGE amount of people putting up InuYasha, But I guess all my hard work pays off. That or because I put "HQ" at the end of each video O.o Meh. I have two cats now. Well, I've had them for nearly 3 weeks or so. They are about 3 months old and are nuisances. But they have cool defining characteristics that help you tell them apart (they are both full black). Mine, with a black collar, has orange eyes, is lazy, more dominant than the other, sleeps in my bed, doesn't purr no matter how much you give him attention, and he is very observant. While the other, my aunt's, is obnoxious, less dominant, wild, has green eyes, holds his tail high, and purrs the second you touch him. lol. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Good job on your blog page SFBW. Later!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back so soon?

Yup, I'm back. I took a break, it's not like a ton of people really read this anyways. Where have I been you ask? Well, let me tell you. Thinking. A lot. I'm not really go into detail because it really doesn't concern you.

Anyways. I've created A few new "projects" to keep me busy for a while. 2 being on youtube. One is where i do random game playthroughs. Also, on the other I am uploading full seasons of anime. Hence the name "MegaAnimeUploads". I made the account 12 days ago, and I already have 22 episodes of InuYasha up. The channel features the highest quality episodes I could "find". Also, I'll be putting up all 4 InuYasha movies when the right episodes get up. So far, this should occupy my time for a good some of time. The mic I use for recording is a rockband microphone, haha. and it's taped to a lamp as a makeshift stand.

So far, I have been told that the episodes I have been putting up are of better quality then my competition. I'm staying up all night just to see if I can catch up to how many episodes they have. It can be bothersome editing these videos so that youtube will allow them on. I have to use dumb old Windows Movie Maker to cut it in half, so that it's under 11 minutes long. Then I have to save then file to my computer (takes about 10 minutes), then I upload it to Youtube (which take 20-30 minutes.). And not to help the matter in any way, the video sometimes fails to upload because I get a low connection in my room. Anyways, you should check it out if you like anime.

Back to other things. I dreamt last night. I don't usually do so. But I dreamt of my first gf and a lot of other random things. in the morning I woke up sad, even though it was a happy dream. It got me to thinking of my first gf, now my ex, which I broke up with in a moment of doubt. Such a dumb mistake. Anyways, I found out that I STILL have feeling for her, even though I moved out of state 7 or so months ago, and broke up with her about a year ago. It's crazy.

So today I've been all sad and stuff, reminiscing and such. Except that it's the next day in the morning. I'm a little to jacked up on energy shots to feel much of anything. But I was feeling really down. 

I found out the the guy she was dating broke up with her. That also saddened me. I want her to be happy more than anything. I heard what happened and realized that it couldn't have been adverted. I just hope she will be ok. She seems ok I guess. (We talked a little today{yesterday})

Another topic. I got Diablo 2 with the "Lord of Destruction" exspansion. It ROCKS!! It completely renews the game. I love it. It adds two new classes which is amazing. And many new Items. I will also be getting Starcraft 2 as soon as I can. I love starcraft and the new one looks amazing.

I noticed that my, I follow him on here. Well, I noticed that he sure does keep up on his blog.. I envy him, very much so. I just can't seem to stick with anything for very long. Like I tried to start a pokemon adoption agency via wireless connection XD It's a good idea, I just got lazy and gave up on it. I even made a site for it and such. Oh well. I hope this anime thing catches on. I would love to be somewhat popular on youtube :D (Sorry about forgetting you're name, too hyper right now D:)

So, what else is there....Oh, on the 28 I will be going to a Modern Warfare tournament for C.O.D. 4. (same thing isn't it? O.o) I found out that the best player around here singed up, so we're all doomed. There goes that 300 dollar cash prize. oh well.

That's all I have to say to you guys today, sorry for making you sit through this entire thing. I'll be sure to make these shorter next time. Oh, I almost forgot. I kinda gave up on learning Japanese for now, too busy with life. Be sure to check out those sites and have a good night. toodles!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Can't take the kid from the fight, Take the fight from the kid. Sit back relax, sit back relapse again.

Maybe I was a little harsh before. I wont "stop" my blogs. But they will be postponed, until a more appropriate time. That's all I have to say today. Sorry I wasted your time. Later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm done

I'm done writing my blog. A lot of stuff came up that I just can't deal with a blog.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm back. Low and behold. I've been busy with my life. My house burnt down, I lost everything. We're finally adjusting in a new house. I learned that I never seem to put an "s" on site when it's plural. rofl. I will be moving back you Bismarck for the kids who know me. I should be going back to Bismarck this coming school year. I have nothing to talk about right now. I'm tired. I'll let you guys get on with your life. Later.